- Added the ability for leader and member to set their Combat Power in the Members page.


- Reworked the Members view

- Added the ability for leaders to add notes against members


- Added the ability to add registered L2RClan member as a clan member without having them to apply first.

- Added the ability to kick a clan member as a leader.

- Added the ability to leave a clan as a member.

- Added the ability to customize the clan's dashboard with a clan message that only clan members can see upon login.


- Fixed a bug where the server names would appear in Russian, breaking clan pages.


- Added shortened url for clan page sharing

- Added the ability to link L2RClan users that are part of a clan to their actual clan member player (for clan leaders)

- Added a list of all the accepted members


The website is not also a clan management website, not just clan browsing

- Players can claim their clans

- Clan leaders can create an application form for people to apply

- Member can now apply to clans that are recruiting

- Added the ability for clan leaders to review applications and accept players


Website launched as a simple clan browser giving the ability to people to browse clans online